Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Conditions and Fishing Report

All in all it has been a very quiet week.  Not many folks on the river.  Conditions are good everywhere and reports from the few fisherman I have talked to have been favorable.  The Miracle Mile has been producing fairly well, though lots of smaller fish. Halloween is kind of the benchmark we go by for things to start heating up. When it does it can be epic!  Fremont Canyon has been shining the past few days especially in the canyon itself.  Streamers are the way to go now and I have seen some pics of some very respectable fish.  The weeds have finally stopped growing on Grey Reef and we should see a drastic improvement in the coming weeks.  Most are floating from Government Bridge to Bessemer (not in one day) and the streamer bite has been very good.  Clarity is great  from the bridge down and the vegetation is minimal.

We have lots of availability in our cottages in November and they make a great base of operations  to chase the spawning browns at the Mile.  A trout of lifetime could be waiting for you!