Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

Finally!  Some good news from the Miracle Mile.  Several reports from yesterday have indicated the browns are moving into the river and even some active redds have been spotted.  Many hit the split hole with leech and worm rigs and said the action was fairly steady.   Many anglers are heading out  there again today so I hope to have a better handle on things tomorrow.  Fremont Canyon is holding steady at 250 cfs.  This is kind of a weird flow, but the fishing was solid on nymphs and streamers. The big question is will it stay at 250?  Check the flows before you head out.  Grey Reef fished very well again yesterday on standard leech/nymph rigs.  The only fly in the ointment is the wind is supposed to howl the next couple of days.  Your best option during conditions like this is the Mile.  Because of the amount of public access you can usually get the wind at your back and make it work for you.