Got a little bit of cold and wet weather moving into Central Wyoming…maybe?  As of this morning it’s blustery but we have yet to see a drop of moisture.  Guess we will see what happens but hoping for a little bit of moisture with this one.

Both Grey Reef and Miracle Mile continue to fish great and have excellent water conditions.  Grey Reef is still running at 1,500cfs and we have fishable water conditions all the way to Casper, WY.  Water temperatures on Grey Reef are still hovering in the low 40s(40F-43F) and lower river(Sechrist) is sitting in the high forties(46F-49F).  We are now seeing baetis(BWOs) on a daily basis and the fish are without question keying onto the nymphs, emergers and even a few of the adults.  The most productive fishing is taking place from mid/late morning through the afternoon-coinciding with the baetis and midge hatches.  Our Grey Reef guides have been doing extremely well on PTs, foam-wing RS2s, epoxy-back baetis and various other small nymphs.  As for the Mile water conditions are excellent.  The visibility is as good as it gets!  Our guides have been dialing down their tippet size to 4X-5X fluorocarbon on the Mile and seems to be making  a difference.  Crawdizzle’s, micro san juans, foam-wing RS2’s-that’s what we are using.  With low pressure coming the next few days it might be time to chuck some meat!!!!