Grey Reef Monsoon Continues

Prolonged storm blew the afterbay and Grey Reef out AGAIN! We are never out of it for more than a day and a half but this is getting ridiculous. Fish are rising right now in the Meat Hole (7AM) but there is only 6″ of visibility. The old tactic of use something large and dark rarely works here…just stick with bugs if you plan to float. The road to Miracle Mile is a mess. Central Wyoming Fly Fishing is out of this world despite the continual changes in river and weather conditions.

Our guests annihilated fish with small bug rigs even in the murky water. We can not imagine why anybody would fish a bead rig when the hatch is so strong ? These fish are in crazy spots and we are fishing very high in the water column. The takes are brutal and the fight is relentless. Arm cramping and more eats than any angler needs…by a long way. Sure, we are spending a lot more on flies for your trip but that is nothing new. We spend a lot to provide the best experience with 17 miles of exclusive private access, we often do multiple shuttles to make sure you are have a true outdoor experience, awesome guides, the best locations and it doesn’t stop there.

We will keep you in the loop but will be contacting our guests to have “the talk”, again.  I’m sure we will have boats on the water as we do not cancel folks who do not want to be canceled. Our guides will make sure you have a great day despite tough water conditions on The Reef. We have many options and our guides frequent all the water in the region.