Grey Reef Outfitters

Yesterday was quiet on the river and a beautiful day! Trent was grinding away in the shop making sure everything was accounted for and in its spot while I had seat time on the tractor plowing snow at the shop and lodge.

We have some good lodge spots still available in May! This is an excellent time to fish and the lodge will be newly refreshed. That is an understatement but we like to give more than expected. There are a few June & July dates but these are dwindling quickly. August has been gaining steam but there are some options yet available. Sept and Oct still have good availability and full lodge spots.

We still would recommend not attempting to get to Miracle Mile. Upwards of 25″ of snow a few days ago and the wind has built some impressive drifts. Warming earth will help the cause but create muddy conditions as well. The Reef is quiet and fishing superb so hit that until the Mile recovers safe access.

Cottages and RV sites coming soon to The Reef Fly Shop!