Grey Reef Still on Fire

Central Wyoming fly fishing can’t get much better. Dry/dropper rigs, emerger rigs, swinging soft hackles with clear water. Lots of sight casting and super hard fights. The size and condition of the trout is impressive to say the least. River clarity has improved dramatically and fishable almost all the way to Casper right now. Plan on upper extremity discomfort at some point in the day…yes, they will hurt you.

Fish short, light, small and stealthy. 3-4′ of leader. #4 shot or 2, 4 and 5X fluorocarbon. #18 or #20 midge, PMD, baetis and caddis a touch bigger. Water temps are near 60* but this will drop dramtically if the BuRec ever bumps the flows. It may stunt the PMD hatch for a while and that is OK because midges are prolific and we are happy to cooperate with that program and save PMDs and Sallies for later!

NPL has a couple spots available arriving June 30, fishing July1-3 and departing the 4th. Superb time to be here plus you get to experience the short lived Golden Stone Fly hatch at Miracle Mile!

We just had a cottage become available next Friday and Saturday eves, Lucky!