Grey Reef Winter Flows – Almost

Grey Reef flows are down to 700 cfs while Miracle Mile flows are 525 cfs and Fremont Canyon is 75 cfs. All of the lower North Platte River tailwaters are very wadeable. Successful fall baetis fishing success is super satisfying and will open your eyes to a whole new approach on fishing. Don’t be afraid to peel off the weight and flutter your rig, mid-column, through shallow riffles. The in between water can be exactly where they are at and a long dredgy rig with out-of-hatch imitations will not only not be fun to fish but won’t get to or interest them. Give them what they want and where they want it. That is the beauty of dry fly, right? You can see where they are and what they want…most of the time. This eliminates several approach factors of a successful fishing as they are basically served up on a silver platter. All you have to do is get them to eat your offering. That can be the real trick as it is now entirely up to the angler presentation and reaction. Streamers are a game of chance and frequency and a bit of aggression as repeatedly casting heavy rigs with reasonable accuracy and oftentimes limited success needs to have certain personality to persevere and come back for a licking time and time again. These chaps are also the anglers who display their “trophy” pics as often as possible. Who can blame them? It generally takes a lot of work and dedication to seal the deal with trophy-class trout. ¬†Cool thing is, we have all opportunities begging for folks to take advantage of them through the remainder of the season. What are you waiting for?