Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

The crew at the North Platte Lodge wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! We also hope you were able to spend some of your time fishing with loved ones. We did! Other activities included a 5k running race, mountain biking, hiking, photography etc.

Yesterday we floated through town and the streamer bite was on! One boat was using Bow River Buggers in black while we opted for The Reef’s Bronze Bugger. Both whacked ’em pretty good. Kids had a fun time floating through the whitewater park.

Adam is on the river today and we had several trips out over the past week. Conditions are warm and breezy and will be windy by midday.

Stay tuned for a run down of the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop’s transformations over the winter. Spring should bring some exciting changes…

pic: West rim shot of Fremont Canyon