Summer fishing is in full force here on the North Platte! The Reef saw another bump in flows this past week, and we are now sitting at around 3,000cfs. This is a great flow for both floating and wading, so rig up those rods and get out there! We expect the Reef to stick at these flows for the rest of the summer, which means the upcoming weeks should be nothing short of fantastic as all of the junk in the river clears further and further from us and clarity returns to normal.

Fremont Canyon also received some much needed water, increasing from 75cfs all the way up to about 750cfs over the past two weeks. This means room for the fish to spread out which makes for some very fun wading opportunities. We don’t recommend venturing too far into the canyon, however, because at 750cfs things can get pretty dangerous in there. Stick to the meadow at the Cardwell Access Area where there are plenty of trophy fish lurking about!

PMD, Yellow Sally and Caddis nymphs all have been productive lately with depth and weight being the more important factor of a successful fishing day. Don’t be afraid to throw leeches and red and purple worms in your rigs either as increasing flows means fish looking for these nymphs floating down the river. Surface action has been slow lately, but once fish get more used to the flows dry fly fishing at dawn and dusk will become productive. No need to get too technical yet… any mayfly pattern such as a Parachute Adams or Purple Rooster will most likely do the trick!

Last but not least… The Mile! Flows have decreased from 2,700cfs down to 1800cfs and the fishing up there has been incredible over the last week. We are days away from the Golden Stone hatch which can be some of the best dry fly fishing you can do on the Mile. If you get up there and there are tons of giant stone flies buzzing about tie on a Water Walker and let the action begin! In terms of nymphs, the focus should be on stones and PMDs. Pats Rubber Legs have been killing it as well as poxybacks PMD’s, Barr’s Emergers, Bubbleback PMD’s and Split Case PMD’s. With that being said Midges, San Juans, and caddis pattern should produce as well.

Folks, we’ve reached the days of beautiful weather and epic fishing, so get out there and enjoy it while it’s here!