It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood

July was a whirlwind and August has entered taking no prisoners. Our summer season has been defined with solid hatches, consistent monsoon moisture and really, really good times. Sallies have mostly departed, PMDs, Tricos and caddis are living large and we are still twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the hoppers to get here en masse.  Central Wyoming has been blessed with plenty of cool water running down the lower North Platte River System so no hoot owl restrictions or dangers from warm temps.

Grey Reef was just reduced to 2000cfs from 3000cfs so this with supercharge Trico activity. Tricos are ultra consistent and a pretty technical hatch ( rather spinner fall)  to target, Trout put themselves in  precarious situations because they can’t resisted the conveyor of spent bugs. Tricos are a wade anglers object, typically amplified in shallow, nervous riffles, they are accessible on foot. We are getting hopper eats but they haven’t kicked into high gear. Nymphing, however, has been pretty ridiculous.

The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge guide crew have been cranking and things aren’t looking to settle down until mid October at this rate. North Platte Lodge is booked, like zero openings,  until Sept 25-28 where we just opened up a 4 angler option for 3 days of fishing. We are also booked for sage grouse. We do have a 1 or 2 angler option Oct 6-10 and then we go to Oct 14 before we gat a bit more consistent lodge availability. Awesome fishing and great bird hunting options for the October through mid November range. Cottage availably is still pretty good for September and October but Aug only has scattered options.

Upland bird hunting, waterfowl, sporting clays and cast and blast are centered in our targets for October through January. A cool experience that keeps you active through the time of the season you need it most!

Let’s talk about the 2022 lodge roster and get you written in asap. Things are already pretty excited but we do have lodge packages available during the highest volume fishing of the year in April and May. We are going to adjust rates seasonally so April and May will consequently have lower rates due to unjustified lagging popularity of spring fishing. The truth is that April and May are the best choice for folks who prefer really high volume fishing, wade fishing, and it is easier for those who may not be as adept or experienced with a fly rod. Spring weather isn’t the most predictable but the fishing is very predictable. This isn’t shoulder season where you get reduced rates because the fishing is so-so…the Grey Reef Spring Fishing is as good and better as fishing anywhere, anytime.

If the internet static is confusing your decision just give us a shout. We can help you navigate through all the website smoke and mirrors you will encounter when searching or Grey Reef and Miracle Mile fishing. We’re happy to explore if we are a good fit for you and your crew.