Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyopn & Grey Reef Fly Fishing 4/1/14

Miracle Mile wasn’t very accessible yesterday but Fremont fished well and the Grey Reef section of the North Platte River fished excellent. Water conditions on the true Grey Reef section is very good and muddy below Government Bridge. Yesterday turned out gorgeous in the Casper and Alcova, Wyoming area despite the several inches of snow we received the previous night. This Am is stating out a bit chilly in Central Wyoming and there are light snow flurries. This weeks forecasts is is cool with chances of rain and snow all week but with this comes little wind…very nice fly fishing conditions.

April is the month of NO FISHING between the cables below Grey Reef Dam.

Just released is news that the Game and Fish along with the Grey Reef Guides Association has agreed to the use of salmon egg (roe) sacks on snagging rigs to ensure guides success. As one representative put it “We don’t pay them for their knowledge or their ability to think, we pay them to catch fish”. They are also convening considering a “zero space policy” on the river. The Game and Fish liaison explained that “This is the new school. Space and consideration of others experience is so 1980s. If t hey think the fishing is better in an already occupied spot we really should welcome them to climb into other boats to make sure they are successful.” Currently they are working with manufactures to “tweak” occupancy and weight rating on their boats. The last consideration is to disallow those who are not guided from fishing Grey Reef. If this new policy passes all anglers must pay for their chance to fish Grey Reef. There was no discussion of non-permitted operations. Have a great April 1st!