Muddy water below Grey Reef

Glad our guides and anglers got a least one day in on the lower river.  Jim Peterson and Seth managed some really nice rainbows floating below Government Bridge.  From the sounds of it the fishing was on fire until the river blew out around 3:00…after that they came up to do the upper river to finish out their day. Stu fished Fremont and from the sounds of it, the catching was non stop…reef worm, PAL, mini impaler, pulsating emerger.  They boys headed up to the Mile today and caught a pile of big fish on otter egg’s and a small purple san juan.

Current conditions on Grey Reef are less than perfect.  Eagle and Blue Creek are dumping mud into Grey Reef Reservoir at a very rapid rate and from what we are seeing Grey Reef may be BLOWN OUT tommorrow!  Attached is a picture taken at the fly shop at 3:00pm.