New dates available and Grey Reef Fishing Report




We had a couple schedule changes that opened up some great dates.

~2 rooms (4 anglers) arrive April 17, fish 18-20 and depart 22

~2 rooms (4 anglers) arrive May 11, fish 12-14 and depart 15

~NEW 2 rooms (4 anglers) arrive May 26, fish 27-30 and depart 31

~2 rooms (4 anglers) arrive July 2, fish 3-5 and depart 6

~1 room (2 anglers) arrive July 10, fish 11-13 and depart 14

~NEW 5 rooms (10 anglers) arrive July 29, fish 30,31 and Aug 1 and depart August 2

~FULL LODGE 6 rooms (12 anglers) arrive Aug 13, fish 14-16 and depart 17

*All available dates can be modified for single anglers and fewer days


Fishing is, not surprisingly, excellent. We had a number of guide trips out over the weekend with piles of fish caught and some big specimens.  Seth, Adam and Trent were all out. They reported great results with PALs and the new Deep Purple. Other bugs of note were Reef Worms, Foam Post RS2s (we have an amazing selection of these for 2013!) Natural Pine Squirrel Leeches and scuds and various midge patterns. The articulated Goldie has been hot! This is evident as this bug has already been mimicked by several manufacturers.  Lots of activity at the Reef this weekend and it looks as though it was the kickoff of the season. All rooms were booked and unfortunately The Reef Cottages aren’t quite available….but soon!

We are expecting windy conditions for the next couple days and a snowy weekend. Miracle Mile trout may yet be again spared as the roads aren’t friendly and this weekend may cause more issues. The flush will be preceded by a draw down of Grey Reef Reservoir for some dam work so the beginning of the flush will likely be pretty dirty.