North Platte Fishing is Rocking

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing is pretty darn good on all venues and gobs of mileage. Miracle Mile fishing conditions are excellent with few anglers and solid production. Flows are 1000cfs and good clarity although a touch tanic. Subsurface on leeches, Foam wing RS2 and Soft hackled caddis stuff. Fremont Canyon has given up daily dry fly glory…caddis and tricos. Grey Reef is fishing top to bottom and morning til night. 1500cfs has them in fast riffles sandy tailouts and almost everywhere in between. Some good streamer activity and ridiculous nymphing to accompany morning and evening dry fly on tricos and caddis.

Extremely low weed growth year and grey reef reservoir is curiously devoid of its annual algae bloom…that is fishing good too…if you like untouched stillwaters?

What you have always heard about Grey Reef being unfishable in summer is garbage. But those rumors keep the pressure ridiculously low. Ask our guests why they come back every August:)