North Platte Fishing Report

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday! So far the start of 2016, like the weeks before it, has been cold. That will change in the coming days though, with highs in the upper 30’s predicted. Definitely some good days to get out and catch your first fish of 2016. Don’t forget to get a new license for the new year!

Fishing has remained consistently good on all three tailwaters. We have been getting great reports back from Miracle Mile, both nymphing and streamers producing  plenty of fish! The flows are still at 850 CFS and have been there for a couple months now. That is a great flow, it opens up a few more runs and makes more fishable water while also keeping the wading less dangerous than higher flows. The only issue with the Mile this time of the year is the road. The drifts can be insanely huge and when the temperature increases the road can get VERY slippery. As a precaution it is always good to call us and check the current road conditions before heading out.

Fremont/Cardwell has also been good, with some days being better than others. I find that in the winter i definitely hook more fish on the cloudier more overcast days. The Reef’s PAL, black beauty, and the LAZY have all been good bugs. The road out to Fremont is almost always good in the winter, especially when accessing from the Pathfnder side. We prefer to fish smaller bugs at Fremont. Like throwing two smaller midge patterns instead of having one large attractor pattern and one more precise imitation. I find my catch rate increases when doing this. Again, depth and weight are the most important things to consider when fishing Fremont, if you’re not catching fish, change your depth.

The Reef has remained solid! Still flowing at 500 CFS and the weeds are finally starting to clear out of some places completely. The streamer fishing has been great the past few weeks, TRFS guide Lee was out taking full advantage of this yesterday and had plenty of fish eat the Goldie he was throwing!Nymphing has also been great with PSL in brown or natural, scuds in tan or olive, and any small black midge.

With a new year comes resolutions, trying to fish more is always a good one! We are excited for 2016 and hope to see all of you in the shop or on the water soon!