North Platte Fishing Report

Today is windy. It has been super nice all week but a system is pushing in to the western edge of the state blanketing Jackson with snow. As I have said before when it snows in Jackson it blows in Alcova. The upcoming week looks great however with 50* slated each day until Friday when a system is supposed to get us. Systems getting us typically aren’t associated with high wind watches like today. They usually mean a little snow and calm conditions with excellent fishing. The high pressure that comes in on the tail of the storm can produce wind.

Fishing is still great. We mention how lucky we are and can’t say it enough. Grey Reef produces day after day, month after month & year after year. Any day of the year can produce mind boggling numbers and a life altering trophy trout. Streamer bite a little off the past day or two but nymphing was great. I would still have a streamer rod ready and operate it plenty with the high probability for a big brown to latch on. Hurt yourself with unwavering and frantic casting/stripping! Those dues should pay;)

Next weekend we still have a couple cottages available. Come fish and participate in the unofficial Wyoming State Cyclecross Championships on Saturday. Skate skiing has been good for the past several weeks at our world class Nordic Center and plenty of good trails to ride in the area. Stop at Glendo and experience a very nice mountain bike trail system on your way up! Casper has had some great event lately. Korn and Rob Zombie just played. Check out our off season stay and fish specials…they are untouchable!