North Platte Fishing Report – July 25, 2014

Grey Reef flows have been reduced to 2500 cfs. Not sure why. However, the fishing is great and now the wading angler will have a little easier time navigating the river. Yellow Sallies are coming off strong and appropriate patterns like the Little Yellow Sloane and the Iron Sallie have been producing. It never hurts to throw a worm and a leech either. Trico fishing in the early morning can be very productive as well, if you are in the right place and the wind isn’t blowing. The streamer bite is getting better with each passing day below Government Bridge. Clarity is finally good. The Miracle Mile has been holding around 2000 cfs. We had boats there yesterday and despite roaring winds they landed fish from every run on San Juan worms and leech patterns. We are not sure where flows are going to be over the weekend. Fremont Canyon has dropped to 800 cfs and it looks like flows may continue to decrease in the next several days. Fishing in the canyon is probably your best bet right now, but the Cardwell section can be good on top when throwing Trico patterns. Areas above the bridge can be especially good. The forecast is for temps in the mid 80′s and light winds for the entire weekend. Get up here and fish!