North Platte Fly Fishing Report

Well, with exception of the fire of Casper Mnt. we seem to be transitioning into fall quite nicely.  Currently Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon are in the process of getting down to the winter flows, if it’s not already there.  Everything is fishing well, not out of control but solid.  Grey Reef is still experiencing some floating vegetation problems, especially on the lower floats (Sechrist-Casper).  But we have been doing a few trips down there and fished nothing but dries.  Tricos, caddis and hoppers.  The upper river trico hatch continues to be the ticket for the dry fly enthusiast.

Fremont has found it’s way to 72cfs but it is still off colored and the fishing seems to be hit or miss.  The Mile has been good fishing UV leeches, san juans and prince nymphs in all the main runs.  But Mile fisherman beware….this Saturday is the opener for a lot of antelope areas (rifle season)…so it might be a little crazy out there!