North Platte Fly Fishing Report-Big Wind and Cooler Temps

Well, for those up here on Saturday…it was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!  No wind and 50F.  The fishing was excellent, especially the nymphing on both Grey Reef and the Miracle Mile.  Top bugs on the Mile were UV leeches, otter eggs and various sizes and colors of san juans.  On Grey Reef it was reef worms, amber scuds, PALs, rhinestones, and deep purple.  As for Sunday…that’s a different story.  Mother nature provided us with a little spring cleaning, winds that would rival a severe tropical storm.  Gusts in certain areas neared 70mph!  What do you do, it’s Wyoming.  The front that brought in the big wind has cooled us off nicely and slowed the melt.  Water conditions are good all the way to Casper.

FYI…the lowering of Grey Reef is scheduled to start tomorrow.  The Bur of Rec. will be draining Grey Reef Reservoir to the river channel.  It’s hard to say what impact this will have on the water clarity/conditions below-but as always, we will keep you posted!!!