North Platte Fly Fishing Report-Weather Moving Back In

Well, up until last night we had a good run of weather going in Central Wyoming.   Obviously a little on the breezy side but favorable temperatures nonetheless.  Even had some groups of fisherman at the cottages this week.  Great start to 2014!  As for the fishing, our guests having been doing well on pine squirrel leeches(olive, natural and/or crawdad),  amber scud, PALs, deep purple, and the standard reef worm.  Floating to Lusby is not advised at the time due to the current cold conditions, shelf ice and flowing slush(things get a little tricky above Three Islands.  Hence we have been taking advantage of our upper river boat ramp.

FYI Obviously we are not attending the Fly Fishing currently being held in Denver.  We have guests at the cottages and we have taken on some winter projects.  We are sorry if we missed you but we will see you all in Alcova, hopefully sooner than later!!!