North Platte River Conditions and Report

Well, we got another gulley washer the night before last and it has muddied up the river all the way to Casper and below.  Visibility here at Grey Reef is a foot and a half and less the closer you get to town.  Leeches, worms and RS2 foam posts is what I would throw under these conditions.  We did have boats at the Miracle Mile yesterday and they did well on leeches and big San Juan worms.  Clarity there is good and at 1800 cfs most everything is accessible by wading.   Even with the flows at 1800 cfs at Cardwell / Fremont Canyon, trout are being caught in good numbers.  Again, leeches and worms accounted for the majority of the fish taken.

I do not expect the river below Government bridge to clear up much over the weekend, so if you are in search of clear water the Miracle Mile or Fremont Canyon will be your best bet!