North Platte River Fishing Report

You could not ask for a more beautiful day that today.  No wind and very mild temps that will settle in the high 60’s.  Let’s just say the North Platte is being “enjoyed” to it’s fullest extent at the moment.  The Miracle Mile may be the best bet t0 have some water to yourself this weekend.  Leeches, Pat’s Rubber legs, San Juans and various streamers have been producing.  Fremont Canyon / Cardwell is also fishing well with the amount of pressure that has seen as of  late,  lighter tippets and small flies may be the way to go.  Grey Reef is on fire!  Leeches, Rs2 foam posts, Reef worms and midge patterns like the Reef’s P.A.L. should get you into the fish.  Don’t forget about the cable to cable closure is in effect until May 1st.  The clarity is still bad below Government Bridge, but do not assume that you can’t catch trout in dirty water.  Nothing is further from the truth!  With the amount of public access along Trappers route I’m am sure you will find willing, feeding fish!