North Platte River Report

All in all it has been a pretty nice weekend.  The fishing, especially the streamer fishing on Grey Reef has been very good.  Our guides put many nice trout,  a few of them decent browns in the net the past couple of days.  The Reef’s Goldie, the Near Nuff and the Crawdizzle are just a few of the patterns producing.  Fremont Canyon has been on fire.  Everyone I have talked to has done well on both nymphs and streamers both in the canyon and in the Cardwell section.  Unfortunately, reports from the Miracle Mile have been mixed.  Those who threw nymph rigs seemed to do ok and a some nice browns were landed.  Those swinging streamers did not have an easy time, especially with the wind, but some impressive rainbows were caught.  Our weather is going to take a turn for the worse this week with snow, wind, below zero lows and highs struggling to reach double digits by mid week.  If you are the hardy type and have as mind to chase some browns at the Mile be sure to get a road condition report before heading out.  Getting stuck and or stranded could be downright dangerous.  Hopefully the cold snap will be helpful in turning the browns on.