North Platte River Report

Finally some good news!   For a change, the river below Government bridge is clearer than the upper.  We believe the seasonal vegetation on the Grey Reef section is hanging on to some of the sediment left by the last rain and therefore clearing has been slowed.  Visibility is roughly 18 inches.  With that said, we had boats on the upper yesterday and fishing was good.  Worms, leeches, Rs2’s, PMD’s and Caddis patterns like Birdsnest or a Graphic caddis all produced well.  We have boats on the Government bridge to Sechrist float today and I am sure we will have a favorable report from that stretch by the end of the day.  Pressure has been very light this weekend and as a result I haven’t received any reports from the Miracle Mile or Fremont Canyon.  Flows are both at 1800 cfs, so I suspect that you would be confined to the Cardwell stretch at Fremont.  Everything should be accessible at the Mile and we have several boats out there today. We will know more tomorrow.