North Platte Spring Flush Fishing Report

The flush is on and the fishing is great! You can’t beat 60 degree weather in March. Fishing at Grey Reef has been good starting around 9:00 when the flows level out. Brown and purple pine squirrel leeches along with Reef worms  in red and purple have been good, especially on the swing! The Reef’s Lazy in #20 and #18, black zebra midge, and a  black RS2 size #20 have also been picking up fish consistently. Fremont was producing good numbers of fish yesterday with the same flies mentioned above, most of the fish were on the size #18 Reef Lazy. It was dead calm and there were midges EVERYWHERE! Had some folks out at the mile yesterday reporting that fishing was good with leeches and scuds, even picking up a few fish on a streamer,  a Bread and Butter or a Goldie were the ticket. As always, if you have any questions give us a call  or stop in the shop. Get up here and enjoy this awesome spring weather!