Regional Flooding but Grey Reef is Still On

Our friends on the Popo Angie and the Big Horn are dealing with flooding due to rapid snowmelt. We hope them the best. In the meantime upper Grey Reef is ticking on all cylinders. If you get too far down you will be in the mud but staying up high is a solid bet. Fremont Camton and Miracle Mile shouldn’t be overlooked either. It appears The Reef Fly Shop will be race headquarters for the Reef to Mile Gravel Grinder and Run. The bike race will be from the shop to the bridge at Miracle Mile and back(60ish mile)s. The run will be out to Black Beach with some single track road and gravel(8-10ish miles). Sat May 6th is the date. Great way to get all your activities lumped  and at a cool venue. There will be after festivities at the shop. Fish, ride, run and celebrate!