So Fun!

Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon are fishing so well it is a little embarrassing. Miracle Mile is touchy…not near the numbers of the Reef but super nice fish. PMDs and Sallies are here…even a few tricos…and that is scary! As soon as the flood waters subside downstream we will be injected with much cooler water and the tricos will put their game on hold for a while. This can also happen with PMDs and Sallies. Caddis won’t skip a beat. Fun rigs that are short and light with BUGS are very productive. Leeches also getting plenty of attention. Bring a little ligvhter rod if you want to hold onto these fish a little longer. A compliant tip will help with holding them on their initial take and run…this is code for they are hitting hard and bulldogging the anglers. Water conditions have improved dramatically, again, and we are fishing well below Government Bridge.