Spring Flush at Grey Reef

Day one when off as planned except for the fishing conditions were better than expected for the first day. Awesome! Day 2 hasn’t happened yet due to equipment malfunction. Stay tuned!

Until then go and get some. Lots of fish on the prowl and worms, leeches midges and the old standby rusty scud working nicely. Go explore and try some things you haven’t before. You might be surprised at what you find.

After the flush the spawn will kick into high gear. This is a time for restraint and consideration. The big hen right in front of you on that white gravely spot has one job to accomplish. This mission is undermined angler harassment. Please do not cast at these fish, enjoy their dance and cruise down to a run where the fish are eating. Please do not walk through the redds. That quick trot can have long lasting ramifications.