Spring Flush Grey Reef

The spring Grey Reef flush is almost through wave 5 and conditions have never been better. Day one the BuRec opted to only nudge flows to 2000cfs to gently dislodge significant ice in the Lower North Platte River system. The fishing report has been very good each and every day. The first few days were bluebird calm and warm and today we are experiencing a little rain and snow. It is still super nice out and we always like a bit of low pressure when we can get it. The wade fishing has been the highlight. fish nudging up to the drops and places where boat fishing isn’t the most effective. Leeches, all day mays and little red midge larva have been a solid choice for nymphing. We still have several days left of the flush and our private access makes all the difference. Give The Reef Fly Shop a call and get a last minute trip through the end of the flush at early season rates (we’ll extend the lodging and fishing package too). $400 day trip, $500 day trip and one night cottage stay or $600 day trip plus 2 night cottage stay! CALL! 307.232.9128

This run is only available during the flush and right out front of The Reef Fly Shop. Surprised this is minus any Grey Reef anglers.