Statewide Flooding in Wyoming, Grey Reef Fishing Well

Our guides made it happen yesterday and everybody came back with smiles. Oddly enough the guides/guests who fished Grey Reef did extremely well. As in very good fishing despite the dirty water. Today our boats are whacking them! Just got off the phone with Seth, our head guide and 15 year veteran of Grey Reef, and he reported tolerable visibility and great fishing. Bugs are what they want!

Wyoming is experiencing excess river volumes…except for Grey Reef. The Wind River/Big Horn in Thermopolis is blown out and the canyon is impassable due to rock slides. Middle Fork of the Powder is flooding low lying ranches in the Kaycee area. Don’t tuck tail and run there are zillions of fish to catch in the Grey Reef area even if the Reef isn’t in play. Our guides netted fish in the Afterbay, Fremont Canyon , Pathfinder Reservoir, Alcova Reservoir/Lower Fremont Canyon, and Grey Reef yesterday. We left Dome Rock and Miracle Mile alone because of muddy roads.

Mini rigs and fish stacked in the coolest spots is what Grey Reef has become iconic for. Ditch the snagging rigs, put the beads back in the craft bin and go fly fishing! The trout are packing on the weight and fighting super hard.