This is a great time of year for fishing Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon.

Grey Reef is fishing extremely well with short nymph rigs and a number of different imitations including caddis, yellow sallies, pale morning duns, leaches, scuds, worms and midges. You can’t really go wrong using a reasonable pattern that represents any of the previous. Streamer fishing remains solid and will only get better. Near ‘Nuff Sculpins, Bergin Buggers and the Bronze and Platinum buggers also getting plenty of attention. Streamer eaters are oriented on the banks and in big slow eddies adjacent to runs. Dry fly fishing is pick up again, particularly along the banks with caddis-like imitations.

Miracle Mile is giving up some good opportunities to catch the fish focusing on Golden Stone Flies. This is a hatch we look forward to all year. Dry fly, dry dropper, nymphing and swinging big stone fly imitations is really fun. It does get significantly busier at Miracle Mile due to easy access and good camping options.

Fremont Canyon is big but fishing very well. Finding success at Fremont will be a good exercise in finding success at Grey Reef during the higher water months. Look for tight riffles and slower water that isn’t too pushy. You may have to look in places you ordinarily wouldn’t notice at lower flows.

Pic: JJs triumph after releasing a trophy class Grey Reef brown