Well, Grey Reef saw another bump in flows last night and we are now sitting at 3,000cfs. Per usual, we are loving the increase in flows! We are now officially phasing out of baetis and making our way into the summer bugs. PMDs, caddis and sallies are making their way on to the menu. Love this time of year! Of course with the increase in flows we are starting to see more fish hugging the banks. Streamer fishing is definitely starting to pick up and we are even getting a few on dries when the bugs are popping.

If you are planning on heading this way make sure to buy your license before you arrive.

Current fishing and conditions:

GREY REEF: 3,000cfs. Currently clear from Grey Reef to Bates Creek confluence(downstream of Government Bridge) then slightly off colored to Casper. 4-7ft, indicator to split shot, 1 BB-2 AB. Leeches(natural,brown or olive), UV leeches, San Juans, Reef worms, orange scuds, PALs, rhinestones, all-day mays, mayhems, foam-wing RS2, all day May, cased caddis, birds nest, split back PMD, poxyback PMD and cdc pheasant tails. Getting a decent number to grab the streamer on a medium strip.

FREMONT CANYON: 800cfs. Clear. 4-7ft, indicator to split shot, 1 BB-1 AB. Leeches(natural, brown or black), rhinestone, black RS2, poxyback PMD, split back PMD and FB pheasant tails.

MIRACLE MILE: 2,700cfs +/-. Clear. 5-8ft, indicator to split shot, 1-3 AB. Leeches(natural, brown or black), HH leech, san juan, Pat’s rubber legs, and cdc pheasant tails.

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