That’s WY … Wyoming!

keep em wet

That’s WY is a cool ad campaign by the Wyoming Tourism Council. Wyoming is multi faceted destination. If you want authentic Wyoming is your place. We don’t have tons of amusement park style attractions. We do have vast uninhabited reaches full of wildlife, fish, blue skies and solitude. Half of Wyoming is federal land and that makes the exploring limitless. We have desert, prairie, forest and alpine. A skiing, climbing, hunting, fishing, camping bird watching, hiking mecca Wyoming IS. Devil’s Tower ( Mateo Teepee), the Teton’s ( the iconic peak is known as “The Grand”) , the thermal features of Yellowstone National Park, The square in Jackson Wyoming … globally know as Jackson Hole and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody Wyoming are must see if you have only a moment to spend here. However, there is SO much more. Like fly fishing the North Platte River System. Want a fishing experience to trump them all? Continue past the break for current details:

Grey Reef flows 1500cfs, fishing excellent, AM trico dry fly and PM caddis dry fly

Miracle Mile flows 800cfs, nymphing with soft hackled caddis patterns, worms and leeches

Fremont Canyon 80cfs, AM tricks with caddis the remainder of the day, excellent fishing

Wind River / Big Horn River flows 1300cfs, tricos AM, caddis and some pale duns in the eves, streamer and terrestrial fishing is notable