Trophy Year

Our guides at The Reef Fly Shop have intimate knowledge of the Grey Reef section of Wyoming's North Platte River

This year is proving to be impressive. We are witnessing really big fish on a regular basis. If you have been considering a trophy trip, this may be the year to jump. If you look back at our facebook pages and The Reef Fly Shop website you can get a good idea of what has happened so far.

On that note, I have been fielding calls from some prospective guests who are shopping for an outfitter. The questions I have received relate to private access, Miracle Mile and length of fishing day. As a FYI we fish all day. We won’t do abbreviated trips unless you request it. Miracle Mile is great and the Golden Stone fly hatch is a ball. Miracle MileĀ  is also entirely public and you will see a lot of the public out there. We absolutely fish Miracle Mile but Grey Reef is more productive, secluded and gives up trophy class fish more readily that Miracle Mile. It also provides much more convenience. Our recommendation is not ever miss Grey Reef but Miracle Mile is a spectacular alternate. Private access is a good topic. Without private access your guide will plan the day based on access, period. We would rather base our day on the fishing conditions and not have to push, or hold back, just so we have a place to stop for lunch. Today is going to be windy and our guides can drop anchor to untangle knots and land fish. Guides without access will either put you in a trespassing situation or get blown down the river when they are put in a position to have to let go of the oars. Access allows you to stay in the runs as long as you like without being blown out of them. Meaningful private access allows use of the bank for rest stops and lunch wherever you choose to stop and allow you to push down river, without worrying about your planned lunch spot, to get away from other boats or go to more productive water. Of course wade fishing? Most guides will never even consider getting out of the boat. I like wade fishing and know many of you do too. Access isn’t a novelty it is a very effective tool.

Cool water temps are keeping the PMD and sallie hatches at arms length. This is a good thing as we feel very good about the positive fishing conditions later in the season. Fishing is so good right now that the weak hatch isn’t an issue…but it will blossom soon. Not as lot of dry fly right now but we are getting some good eats on Golden Stones at the Mile. Streamer fishing has been very positive with a number of big results. Nymphing is silly. PMDs, Yellow Sallies, Caddis, Midges, worms, scuds, leaches, crawdads etc all in play. Short rigs are very effective.

Pic: Lynn and Stu go to work