Welcome to Grey Reef – Home of the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop, Cottages & RV


Central Wyoming fly fishing doesn’t get much better than it is right now at Grey Reef. Water conditions are low and clear on all 80 plus miles of the Grey Reef system and fishing exceptionally well – especially for those fishing light BWO emerger rigs. Worms , eggs and big tippet aren’t hitting the mark. Miracle Mile is at 2600cfs and clear. Fishing is good but the angling traffic leaves little to be desired. Lots of folks out there camped on the redds. It is a bit disappointing to see the sporting needle trending down, however, the fish are eating bugs, worms and leeches in the feeding lanes and some walleye are staying in the mix. So that is cool! The low, clear and super buggy conditions will likely persist through the first week of June. Let’s cross fingers for a bump in flows in anticipation of PMDs and Yellow Sallies. Already seeing a few caddis and fish are starting to look up for BWOs. Come strapped with your light nymph rig and a dry fly rod. The streamer program has produced some high quality browns this week. Nothing tipping our trophy class status at 25″ but many within an inch or two.

The Reef Fly Shop is where it is at for apres fish. We have beer specials and a great porch to wind down and jaw about the day. Wise to get prepared for tomorrow – tonight, no? Refresh your bug supply, reinforce your approach with the knowledgeable shop staff and soak in the views surrounding Grey Reef Road.  Even better when you are staying at a cottage or camping in your RV a stone’s throw from the shop and water. Call the shop for reservations  307.232.9128

North Platte Lodge has a great upcoming dates available the eves of May 26-29, June  17 – 20 and Aug 1-3. Fish with The Original and get the advantage of location, access,  and experience – 3 undisputed benchmarks.

Q “Why don’t you fish pegged bead rigs?”

A “Because we don’t have to”