Winter Wonderland

Well, the weatherman missed this last one…  After hearing several conflicting reports, the storm that hit Alcova Saturday morning brought a half inch of rain and 6″ of snow to the Grey Reef area…not what they initially predicted to say the least.  Closer to the Miracle Mile saw almost 12″ and the road to Leo has been shut down the past 36 hours due to drifting snow.

As for the fishing…good reports came in from both Fremont and Grey Reef with several large fish being caught over the weekend.  Example- Casper native, Colter Adams stuck a 8-10lb rainbow on a streamer.  As for Grey Reef-the nymphing continues go well with leeches, eggs and small midge stuff.  Streamers, especially the goldie continue to produce fish in all the tailouts.

Looks like we have another system moving in tomorrow and we should see another inch or two of snow.  As always we will keep you posted!