Woke up this AM to a nice blanket of white. Roads are slick but fishing is great. This isn’t expected to be long lasting at all.

Grey Reef is nymphing very well with leech and midge stuff. Miracle Mile on the other hand has not been terribly productive. All reports have been catching fish but working pretty hard for them.

This weekend still looks pretty darn nice and we do have one cottage available for the angler who wants their cake and eat it too. Make a pot of chili in the well appointed kitchen then go fish to your heart’s content then enjoy great views and warmth while¬† watching the game before you go out to fish again. So close and so nice why wouldn’t you do it;)

Careful what you might read about some “close” lodging options. Some are pushing lodging that is an hour from fishing but saying it is 10 minutes. Our lodge and cottages are in reality a minute or 2 from the prime Grey Reef water. None can match our location, convenience or quality.