Wyoming Fly Fishing

Beautiful past couple of days! Seeing lots more of the welcomed PMDs as well.

Grey Reef flows remain at 3500cfs and fishing very well with foam post rs2, CDC Cased PMD Emergers, Mercer’s Poxy Back, Soft hackle patterns including the Pulsating Emerger and Bird’s nest. Still plenty of midges and some baetis as well. Sallie and caddis have been sneaking around too. Water Boatmen? Damsels? Sure! Streamers? Yes!

Getting some great reviews from Dome Rock Reservoir. Fat cutthroats cruising the C-Baetis, damsels and caddis. Dry Fly!

Miracle Mile flows are steady at 2000cfs. Golden Stones on the move and welcomed greedily by the resident trout. However, they have been far more responsive to small bugs like the foam post RS2. Tough to keep ’em hooked with little, BARBLESS flies because they are hot and the current helps them a bunch.

Thinking maybe we should push for illegal barbs? Some of the fish are looking worked over. Our policy is barbless always! When you hook so many fish in a day it should be about proper technique and the fish should escape if things are done incorrectly. Your guide should instruct you on effective techniques. Snagging rigs with pinned eggs and 3 huge barbed Wicked Impalers..is this fly fishing? Vlad?