Wyoming Fly Fishing

Smokey and cool this AM. Our local forest fire combined with calm conditions has allowed the smoke to settle in. It is really nice to open the window and feel a little chilly! Temps dropping to around 90 will be much more comfortable.

Do you expect to fish all day when you book a trip? TRFS and NPL guides will have you on the water ALL day. Often we notice others making a 2:30-3:00pm departure and that will never be our program unless you request it.

Experienced guides make a huge difference this time of year. NPL and TRFS enjoy the largest and, by far, the most experienced guide staff in the region. Why compromise?

Private access? Sure, we have far more private access than any other outfitter in the region. The reality is that only 2 outfitters have meaningful private access. Enjoy many miles of access just for you and your guide. It makes a significant difference.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: NPL and TRFS need another good guide. This will be a part time position to start but will work into full time. You need to be available on short notice as we are receiving a lot of last minute bookings. These last minute booking will increase as other western rivers become low or dangerously warm due to widespread lack of snow last winter. Call Erik at (307)237-1182.

pic: One of 5 browns from a streamer trip a couple days ago. Notice the big Nomad net, we have 2 more in stock!