Wyoming Fly Fishing

Pretty wintery in Central Wyo. Cool temps with scattered snow showers have been the story weather wise. Grey Reef is fishing very well with the continuation of the spring flushing flows. Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon also producing grins regularly. Nymphing has been the best with worms, eggs, midges and scuds but streamers also doing the trick. Expect some more dry fly activity as the temps warm..it has been good so far and we have even seen locals out just to hunt for risers. That is a good indication of dry fly potential. The flush will terminate this coming weekend and standard Grey Reef spring crazy fishing will resume.

REMEMBER the area between the upper cable will be closed to fishing during April. Also REMEMBER to get an “Aquatic Invasive Species” stamp before launching your boat. Mandatory AIS inspections will become the norm this year as well. As you cross state lines make sure your boat plugs are out and the interior of your boat is dry with no debris under the false floors. Simple advice is to clean your boat well before entering the state and there won’t be an issue.