Wyoming Fly Fishing

Excellent fishing, not much more to say. Light nymph rigs and little bugs, big streamers and some drys all collecting fish. The river is quiet and judging the runoff conditions in many parts of the west, Grey Reef will satisfy your need. We have a busy June on tap but are happy for more. NPL still has one room available June 4-8. One or 2 anglers can come for a blitz of the entire reach. Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon and 85 miles of the Grey Reef section all fishing well. Not to mention the great food, location and accommodations.

The Reef Fly Shop, Cottages & RV are close to officially offering lodging. Tomorrow eve we should welcome our first guests at the new cottages. The RV sites are done and the bathhouse is fast approaching. The cottages have big concrete patios with outside dining furniture and grills. Pub height tables and 40″ big screen TVs with a bazillion channels. Mattresses are super comfy, we didn’t skimp on those or the furnishings. Full stainless steal appliance array with way too many cabinets in the kitchen and tiled showers and counter top sink basins in the bathrooms. Multi zone heating and cooling and huge windows serve as the wall decorations…you will understand when you get here;). Great views and the most convenient location round out the package. It is go time and we want to show off the best lodging in the region.