Wyoming Fly Fishing

Grey Reef and Miracle Mile are fishing very well. The Malone group had a great time fishing drys before and after dinner. Paul had some pretty good streamer success yesterday as well. This is the time of year to expect fishing drys, streamers and of course nymphs. The air temps have been warm and we are looking forward to a little cool down this week.

Sage Grouse opens the 21st of September! The Alcova area can safely boast the best Sage Grouse hunting in the world and we have thousands of private acres to hunt. This is a spectacular cast and blast!

We have some good availability over the next month. NPL is the ultimate fly fishing and wingshooting experience. Great accommodations and food and nobody touches our location, guide experience or quality of private access.

Streamer bite is good and will improve as the water cools. The lower portions of Grey Reef that have good edge structure are too warm to fish currently but that will remedy itself with a few cool eves. This is our guides favorite time of year and they would love to show you why.