Wyoming Fly Fishing

Update 12:11PM: Another big rain storm just came through the Alcova area and Fly Shop Creek is starting to run a trickle. If it gathers enough water it could do damage to the upper. Crossing our fingers!


The weather has been crazy as has the fishing. We had a couple days of soaking rain followed by a mostly dry, but gloomy, day yesterday. Last night the sky became a little too heavy and another round of rain hit us.  Grey Reef finally took a load of sediment and it working to clear itself currently. On the very upper the fishing has persevered (big surprise) and the rain not only is rejuvenating the prairie and watershed  but cooling the river off tremendously. Dry fly is still very good and now the addition of afternoon psuedo surface eaters keeps that technique at attention. Streamers! They are chasing and this phenomenon will continue for quite a while. Fast strips, mad fish!

The lodge has some good options so give us a shout to experience the ultimate Grey Reef fishing trip. We also have our new cottages available and these are a must see for those who prefer to do their own cooking but still want to stay in luxury.

This pic is a couple months old but so relevant because this is what we like to target this time of year. It is hard work but very worth it. Trophy trips and Sage Grouse hunting make late September memories.