Wyoming Fly Fishing

Grey Reef has finally received a bit more water. It is now at 1000cfs and the water temps have cooled dramatically to 51*. Whew! There is still a bit of floating debris as of midday yesterday at Lusby but the upper 14 miles are fishing very well. The North Platte River below the true Grey Reef Section is dirty with the increase but clearing quickly. Government Bridge down is better left alone for a day or two.

Miracle Mile is in great conditions and fishing very well. We had some fun dry fly eats yesterday with the Golden Stones coming on. The nymphing with stone fly patterns like halfbacks, Pat’s Rubber Legs (turd), our hybrid Miracle Mile special, beady leeches etc. Short rigs with a touch of weight in the faster stuff has been fun. The river is pretty much lake above the Chalk Bluffs.

Seeing a lot of terrestrials and we are getting excited for the potential festivities that accompany them. As the countryside dries out a bit the vegetation will become more attractive in the riparian zone. This is the event when we ask for some wind so the naturals will be beautifully distributed in the Grey Reef trout’s feeding zone. It will happen regardless of the strength of the hatch but as of now things look great!