Wyoming Fly Fishing

41 different Grey Reef float configuration this year. Sounds impossible right? This is just one of the reasons to fish with the pros at The Reef Fly Shop and North Platte Lodge. They make certain your trip is about solitude and the max experience. It would be a lot cheaper and far less time consuming for us to limit our options to the easy public opportunities. But we maintain very large leases and private boat ramps that are an incredible advantage for the guest and guide experience.

Conditions have been arctic! Central Wyoming was a hot topic yesterday with the national news casts. We had a stint at more than (or is it less than?) 30 below zero. Today we are at 30 above. It gets a little western around here sometimes. This is the time to do your homework about your 2017 trips, browse some gear and maybe tie a few flies. Our crew has their duck hunting waders and bags of decoys waiting outside the guide room for whatever the conditions dictate. Time to call in a few ducks or stick a few fish on streamers between sessions of chipping ice out of the guides…winter is magical.