Wyoming Fly Fishing

The Central Wyoming fishing report is strong. We have just taken a breath after a super busy bout. This week will ebb a bit and the flow starts again this weekend and continues through the late part of August. Why? Because fishing is pretty awesome and everybody now knows about Grey Reef’s dry fly fishing. Tricos, caddis and PMDs bringing them up on The Reef. The grasshopper crop is bumper this year. It is happening to a degree but wish for the wind to get these things on the water. Grey Reef hopper fishing is unlike any other. Thankfully we still have strong flows that keep the edge-structure intact. This is prime time to rent a drift boat and throw big foam to the banks and seams. The streamer activity has been surprisingly active. Lots of eats and follows with some crushing takes. Nymphing is old faithful and the smogasboard of bugs keeps them suspended with tricos, midges, scuds, leeches, worms, PMD and caddis. Miracle Mile is doing well and they are liking soft hackled caddis and pmd stuff. Fremont Canyon has foragers pounding streamer and looking up for PMD and caddis offerings. If you are looking for THE place to fish for summer…you can pass on Montana and their elevated water temps and post up right here in trouttown USA. Did we mention that the walleye fishing has been on fire at our neighborhood reservoirs or Pathfinder and Alcova? Fish tacos with wild walleye are unbeatable.

Casper, Wyoming fishing is primary but the coming events will keep you entertained. This weekend is Beartrap Summer Festival will have great music capped by Joan Osborne on Saturday Eve and Wynona Judd on Sunday afternoon. Check out Urban Bottle for some good beer tasting and Bootlegger Liquors will have local whiskey for a try. These properties are walking distance to each other and also participate in the Thursday Eve Art Walk coming in 2 days.  Lots of live music, food, libations and art. Stop at Racca’s for wood fired pizza and a glass of Melvin IPA. A few cool outdoor shops mixed between the festivities are well worth a visit. Mountain Sports, the new and improved Crazy Pedaler, Gear Up and our friends at The Ugly Bug Fly Shop. No downtown Casper visit is complete without a visit to Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters. Pearl snaps and a straw hat are perfect on the river and the town.

Oops, we almost forgot the ECLIPSE…That little ditty is the following weekend and occurs the morning of Aug 21st. A life memory? Yep, that is why so many folks are coming to Casper. We still have some availability for lodging, RV, fishing and boat rentals. Best get on the bandwagon BUT you don’t have to tolerate a crowded experience when you stay with us. Call! 307.232.9128