Wyoming Fly Fishing All Year 1/31/12

Grey Reef is fishing very well and our guides have been enjoying the solitude…like they do every year. This is one thing that sets our guides apart. They fish all year and at any opportunity. After thousands of days on the water they are still in love with Grey Reef and are able to appreciate every day.

This AM is calm. This time of year can yield excellent dry fly fishing WHEN conditions cooperate. Grey Reef’s prolific midge hatches lure a lot of fish to the surface. This is especially true at Fremont. Light weight emerger rigs are key during the peak of the hatch. Bugs a few inches under the surface will get the attention of the most aggressive feeders. Stick an emerger in the film or a dry on top and prepare to have a good time. You won’t be disappointed.

If you are in need of some fishing give us a call. We have guides available and they can show you all the things you normally don’t get to experience in this region. It isn’t all about dragging worms around on a dredging rig. Come and get it!