Wyoming Fly Fishing at Grey Reef, Fremoint Canyon and Miracle Mile

Central Wyoming fishing conditions were suburb this weekend. Warmer temps, calm conditions and fish on the feed! We are enjoying a light snowfall but very tolerable temps currently. Hooly was out this AM and was the only angler at the Outhouse Hole (pete’s draw). She proceeded to stick plenty of fish on a short nymph rig. Trent and Lee were out slinging streamers yesterday and it was busy. They had a great time and getting the boat in and out of the river was not much trouble even with the touch of shelf ice. Miracle Mile is also fishing well but road conditions have been variable so be sure to check that before heading out. Miracle Mile loves leaches and worms but midges get lots of attention. The biggest streamers aren’t generally the greatest for those critters. Tone it down and go a little more traditional in most situations. Fremont is silly with little bugs and the tweener water giving up some dandies on a swung streamer.

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