Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides

3/4/2012  Last night the Fly Fishing Film Tour was a fun event. The theater was almost full except for the break neck seats. Some really good films! Seeing the full theater and the crowd in the lobby reassured me that Casper has so much to offer and there are many locals who see Casper’s potential.  We know that the North Platte is an unbelievable fishery but many in the area don’t. Big thanks to the Movie Palaces for hosting! We are looking forward to next year already.

We have boats on the water today so will get a good report soon. Much of the river is open between Casper and Alcova right now. Although yesterday AM was really slushy below Government Bridge and Bates Creek was high and murky by the afternoon. The river will freeze again before the winter is over and we will have good opportunities to fish low but they will be fleeting. Take advantage while you can!

Weather station is operational although we still haven’t made contact with the interwebz. Hope to have that dialed in by tomorrow and have a fully functioning Grey Reef weather station available to everybody.