Wyoming Fly Fishing – May 2016

Grey Reef Flow and water conditions are very good and bumped to 700cfs…we love all the water they will give us Miracle Mile river flows and conditions are excellent and 2100cfs. Central Wyoming is finally experiencing a blue bird day! Grey Reef anglers should expect highs near 50 and a touch of breeze. This weather will ramp up all week with almost no wind and temps in the low 60s tomorrow and low 70s by week’s end. EMERGERS! BEATIS! Light rigs and suspended fish…oh so fun! try an 8.5′ 5wt with 5x fluro and a pair of bugs like an All day May or PAL or Foam Wing RS2 or WD40 or any reasonable combo. Short leader! Black or white indicator and watch the suspended fish plowing bugs mid column. So much more fun than dragging around a long and heavy bead rig. Our guests have been really enjoying the wade fishing…it has been ultra productive and they get to see what is really happening in the trout world. We have some cottage and lodge options so get ’em! Cable to cable is open as of this morning and won’t close until the first of April 2017.

Our news for May 1st is our new lease on the upper and just below the Lusby Access. This adds a mile or so to our already glutinous amounts of exclusive private access on the North Platte River Grey Reef section. But, it adds 2 key boats ramps. These ramps allow us even more ability to keep you fishing without the pack mentality that has become so prevalent. It opens up excellent half day and split float options. We often use split floats to mitigate what would otherwise be crowded(to us) conditions. This is unheard of in our local industry.  We are also working on another private ramp in what could make our later season trips another exercise in keeping you in a true outdoor experience rather than a social event.